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  • The Centre of Monok

    Introduced at the Department of Civic Building Design, the academic subject referred to as „minor complex” is a one-term training open to 30 students admitted to be specialized in designing after they have finished 6 semesters in the new (two-stage) educational system giving them a task of design lasting one term. It was primarily meant to establish „Complex designing” and Diploma design. The subject „minor complex” is a brand new one as such and thus offered an innovative approach also with the topics it dealt with. When choosing Monok, a village with some 2,700 dwellers both as a venue and a programme the main objective was also to get university students more involved in the reality of Hungary as half a entury ago Hungarian building and construction policy had left the smaller settlements of the countryside to their fate and resources of their own. This is why the task set offered the chance to use it as a terrain for experiments not only for the profession of architects, whilst developing social sensitivity in students, and besides to encourage them to gain experience of thinking together with their fellows as a team.

    Péter Sugár

    Besey Judit, Kohout Dávid, Leskó Zsuzsanna, Szelecsényi Balázs, Tóth Anna. Consultant: Szabó Levente

    Csáki Klaudia, Váncza Márk, Lukácsi Nóra Orsolya, Kovács Hunor László. Consultant: Vannay Miklós