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  • The Idea of Plasticity

    An Organic House on Svábhegy

    Architect: Gábor Helyes
    Text: Jenő Kapy
    Photos: József Hajdú

    By the concept of „inner nature” (by Wright) it is actually a thought-principle capable of interpreting the „essence” – as the highest dimension of thinking – which may allow for the freedom which is the line of direction, the ultimate principle of organic thinking as also declared by the master himself. Some details (within the whole) are worthy of our attention: rooms everywhere – even in the basement– have their own facades, and outer connections whilst the original, strongly sloping terrain has been preserved almost intact. Instead of sitting into the lot it sits onto it. As result of moving the flat-inclined roofs, the living-room enjoys secondary illumination through the hatch-windows. Its glass wall faces the terrace, but is also open to the view (it is round-orientated). The living-room is repeated with intimate functions in the basement as a music room. Each room communicates with the outside via a transitory space. The orientation of the terraces is was carefully chosen: they are spacious, partly roofed and shaded, the design of their parapets evoke the architecture of the 1930s.

    Építész: Helyes Gábor
    Építész munkatárs: Stringovics Balázs
    Generál tervezés: Tekton Stúdió Kft.