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  • The Revitalization of Kopaszi Dam

    Replacing A Lost World

    What else is there south of Lágymányosi Bridge that could attract us to go beyond the railway banks? An artificial creation made in the 19th century, Kopaszi Dam was an area frequented by only a few people a couple of years ago as an out-of-reach zone of District XI of the capital. Now when six years have passed it is hard to believe that I am walking round the same site although the map proves the contrary. The peninsula has flourished and is lively, busy with people riding their bike, taking a walk, kayaking or just relaxing here. In the summer of 2007 the „rusting” landscape was replaced by a public park which meets every possible need as a result of the revitalization project of Garten Studio Ltd. within a framework of buildings designed by t2a Architects. Re-creation adjusted to the faculties of the site with extraordinary and refined sensitivity. The riverside was shaped after a careful examination of the various flood levels, based on their average, Natural vegetation was another important concern: the trees of gallery forests were planted in the lower parts which are typically under water whilst elsewehere the lawns are interspersed with colourful lanes of lower bushes, the favourite trees featuring parks and perennial plants alternating with a variety of sedges and reeds. Buildings grew in abundance in this environment just like colourful mushrooms after rain.

    Ágnes Bechtold

    Design: GARTEN STUDIO Rt.
    Landscape architects: István Steffler, György Szloszjár, Gabriella Vastagh, Dániel Kontra, Rita Remeczki, Borbála Salgó
    Architects: t2a architects – Gábor Turányi
    Client: Öböl XI. Ltd.
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky