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  • Eldorado

    MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award

    Concept and text: Gergely Tasnádi , MOME
    Consultants: Balázs Marián, Dave Hakkens, Kinga German

    The award-winning diploma work has a theoretical framework, namely the Spaceship Earth concept by Buckminster Fuller. What he phrased as „spaceship ethics” is a theory according to which „mankind travels on the spaceship named Earth, using energy obtained from the Sun, whilst its other types of resources have a strictly limited access’. Just like natural systems, the operation of this „vehicle” is based on cycles, during which the raw materials used can return to it in a different form, and then as a pool or reserve they join the process again to operate the spaceship. The programme of this masterpiece ambitions to alter town- and citydwellers’ mindsets associated with sustainability by integrating recycling activities into the urban fabrics via an experimental workshop that researches the possible ways of locally utilizing waste (primarily plastic) produced by several hundreds of catering units in district 7 of Budapest to construct interior design and furniture.