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  • The New Life of Light

    The Rehab Scheme of Ligeti Mansion, Budapest

    Architect: Gábor Zombor
    Text: Éva Lovra
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky
    The studio and holiday home of Miklós Ligeti sculptor was built in 1905–1906 after designs by architects Zoltán Bálint and Lajos Jámbor at the crossroads of Stefánia Road and Újlaki Street on a corner site. The mansion doubling as a studio was rated as a protected historic monument in 2006, but in the period preceding it several modifications had been realized. Its slow decay in 2017 halted when its rehabilitation as the headquarters of a foundation started. Based on the original schemes, the exterior facades were restored, then the later addition was demolished, and new parts of the building were built without clashing with the original mass formation and aesthetics. The overall transformation of the interiors was carried out by considering the new functions. In the spring of 2020 the restoration project was awarded the Hungarian ICOMOS prize.
    Architects: Zoltán Bálint és Lajos Jámbor, 1905–1906; Gábor Zombor DLA, Balázs Juhász – monoSTUDIO Építész Kft.; Gergely Dobszay Dr, Egon Baratta
    Landscape: Borbála Gyüre, Gergely Lád
    Client: Polgári Magyarországért Alapítvány
    Main contractor: Market Építő Zrt.