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    The Reconstruction of István Bárány Swimming-Pool in Eger

    Architects: Antal Puhl, Péter Dajka
    Text: Miklós Okrutay
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The sports swimming-pool in Eger stands on the yard of the former Star inn, built after designs by Géza Bárány and Béla Márkus in Eger 1925. It is an 8-lane wide 50 metre long pool which was the very first such facility in Central Europe with such dimensions, fed by thermal springs found in the vicinity. On one of the longitudinal sides of the pool the changing rooms are housed, and a smaller tribune under the timber structure open towards the pool was contained with a railing that evokes the Swiss inspired typology of mansions with its St Andrew’s Cross. The design tender for reconstruction of the swimming-pool focussed on the distinguished role of the evaluation of the fact that the new building could mediate the unique atmosphere of the architecture of the past to great depths. Submitted by the tandem of Antal Puhl and Péter Dajka, the first prize design has gone the farthest in this direction. The new swimming pool floats as a lightweight pavilion towards the parkland named Érsekkert. The primary atmosphere is defined by the warm palette of the wainscot, the foyer with its transparency guaranteed by large expanses of glass surfaces, the tranquil dynamics of the shading timber lanes. The cube form mass is turned over on the corner with a retraced turret-like component the presence of which creates a tension of forms in such a way that it also transforms into an emblematic detail.

    Architects: Antal Puhl DLA, Péter Dajka
    Project architect: Gabriella Takács
    Assistant architects: Dániel Berecz, István Boda, Melinda Csáki, Ágnes Drabant, Katalin Füzesi, Ágnes Horváth
    Structure: Zsolt Kalmár – Hatolkay és Társai Kft
    HVAC: András Oltvai, Tamás Oltvai – Oltvai Gépész Stúdió
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Ivanics, Balázs Mészáros – Provill Kft
    Environment: Sarolta Torma – LAND-A Kft
    Traffic: Ádám Rohrer – Közlekedés Kft
    Water public utilities: Géza Széles – GÉM Kft
    Electric public utilities: András Hágen – BAUVILLPLAN Bt
    Pool technology: Zoltán Sallai – S-TERV Kft
    Hydrogeology: Gyula Scheuer
    Fire protection: György Decsi – FIREENG Kft
    Accessibility: Attila Schenk – JAPÁNER Kft
    Main contractor: IMOLA Építő Kft