In Mother Nature’s Lap

Detached House, Bugyi Ürbőpuszta

Architect: Péter Vékony
Text: Tamás Kiss
Photos: György Palkó

Edged into the territory of the country from the south, this region of sandy hills between the rivers Danube and Tisza is far away from the bustle of Budapest, but still within a proximity easily accessible from anywhere. Architect Péter Vékony and his family saw the potentials of this environment and they transformed a manor in Ürbőpuszta, on the margins of Bugyi, to have their family home which offers the framework for a peaceful lifestyle. Being part of the Natura 2000 ecological network established by the European Union, this area is an environmentally protected zone. All this is intended to protect wildlife species of animals and plants living within the area. Such uniquely rich natural features basically define the tasks of an architect intervening at the expense of the natural context of the site. The key note is a kind of architecture phrased with the necessary degree of sensitivity, respecting the harmony of cohabiting humans and nature, as well as natural values, whilst minimizing the harmfulness of human impact burdening our environment.

Architect: Péter Vékony
Fellow architect: Sándor Mezey
Interiors: Zsófia Éltető
Structure: István Kovács
HVAC: György Pavlics
Electrical engineering: Zoltán Barabás
Garden: Franciska Szabó, Péter Vékony