Unity Made Complete

Lutheran Kindergarten, Győr

Architect: Péter Ráskai
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The evangelical district of Győr called Insula Lutherana is a unique architectural complex with its insular embedding into the city fabric. The structure of this extraordinary development preserved till now has been revived in a few years in one stage, thanks to a single sum sponsoring by the state. Inaugurated in 1785, the group of buildings around the Old church was revived including every detail, which is an intervention of the city scale. This project is both a classic example of monument protection and preservation and the presence of contemporary architecture. However, it is the new kindergarten building, the tiniest detail of the complex, which presents genuinely progressive concepts. Its site is a kind of leftover space, actually two buildings between the Convent and the Hospice. The flat-roofed cube of the kindergarten rounds off without any tension and makes complete the complex of the evangelical buildings and is yet its component most significant for the townscape. Each of the chosen architectural solutions is as deducible as a formula. The entrance is well-positioned, the sharp cutback of the facade plane is inviting, owing to which a pleasant space was created at the front. Windows opening from the large comprehensive surface mark the rooms of kindergarten groups, at noon the blinds are rolled down, the interior is pleasantly shadowy, children can have a catnap sleep – we can experience the sensitive presence of the noblest functionalism.

Leading architect: Péter Ráskai
Architect: Balázs Ráskai
Fellow architects: Anita Tóth-Hermán, Júlia Tóth, István Schmidt
Structure: Tamás Börzsei
HVAC: Miklós Csomai
Electrical engineering: Ágoston Perger
Kitchen technology: András Gauland
Fire protection: László Szűcs
Public utilities: Sándor Szabó