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  • Unity and Harmony

    Antal Csermák Arts School, Veszprém

    Architect: Rita Madarasi-Papp
    Text: Zoltán Dragon
    Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

    Renewed in two stages, firstly renovated on the exterior in 2016, then revised in its interiors, the house originally meant to house military barracks had always been extended and converted by people who viewed it as a single structure, according to the designer of the project, architect Rita Madarasi-Papp. This most recent reconstruction and remodelling of the school building is actually a gesture of respect to honour past masters: by simplifying the intricate system of interiors, restoring the regular network of spaces facilitated the freeing of the school building, integrating and harmonizing it. By constructing an extra level it was transformed into an organic three-storey building, which has housed the music school since 1982. Simplifying the floor plan had yet another additional advantage: both the corridors and the classrooms are bathed in natural light. However, it is the assembly hall that gained the most due to the conversion which has transformed it into a spacious asymmetrical functional space. During the contemporary remodelling of the school concerns of acoustics were naturally taken into consideration: floating ceilings, acoustic suspended ceilings, walls with sound-proof insulation, solid beechwood facework on the walls and tall soundproof doors efficiently filter out sounds and voices.

    General architecture: Rita Madarasi-Papp – I-Quadrat Ltd.
    Fellow architect: László Kondora
    Interiors: Éva Magyari, Béla Pazár– MNDP Architects
    Fellow interior designers: Flóra Horóczi, József Ferenc Gál
    Structure: István Zalavári, József Sipőcz – I-Quadrat Ltd,
    Acoustics: Andor Fürjes
    HVAC: László Petrika
    Electrical engineering: Lajos Szabó