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  • Children-Like Dynamism

    Bárányfelhő Calvinist Kindergarten, Budapest

    Architects: Krisztián Olbert, Ádám Lendvay, Géza Bujdosó
    Text: Tamás Kiss
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The Calvinist Congregation of Svábhegy have been planning to have their own kindergarten built since 2015, which was actually constructed by integrating sites next to the church and parish. The architectural concept of Bárányfelhő („Cirrocumulus”) Calvinist Kindergarten was based on the most optimal consideration of the faculties of the terrain which allowed for meeting the functional needs integral with it to the full. The arched new wing grows from the cube of the old structure and expands with a playful sweep. At the meeting point of the old and the new structures there is a narrow off-shoot horizontal design widening into a rotund aula, and further bastion-like structures join this flow of spaces from the south. This is where there are three rooms for children’s groups, the kitchen to warm food and other functions are contained on the ground-floor, the caretaker’s apartment with its own entrance, a gym room, salt room, library and two other rooms for children’s groups upstairs have been furnished. The latter two spaces and the inner yard are directly connected by a green roof running up from the ground level of the yard and the terrain stairs with a refined design.

    Leading architect: Krisztián Olbert
    Architects: Ádám Lendvay, Géza Bujdosó
    Fellow architects: Zsuzsanna Vigh, László Pőcze, Szabolcs István Kassa
    Garden: Karolin Bán
    Structure: Gábor Kászonyi
    HVAC: György Pavlics
    Electrical engineering: Richárd Barta
    Fire protection: Zsolt Fenyvesi
    Roads: Zsolt Szabó