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  • To Create an Established Order

    Winery reconstruction, Pitigliano, Italy

    Architect: Antonello Stella
    Text: András Tibor Kertész
    Photos: Roberto Vaccai

    Architect Antonello Stella worked in Pitigliano at the early stage of his career, his very first xproject being the designs of the archaeological museum of the town there. Some thirty years later he was given another task at the same place: he was invited to reconstruct a local winery named Cantina sociale di Pitigliano. It was not an easy job for a designer, as the winery evolved in a chaotic way, which makes it quite a challenge for someone with a firm intention to order. Especially if the architect concerned follows the spiritual heritage of Mies van der Rohe as guidelines. The first step of creating order here is the new show room which may well be regarded as the reception building. The simple and yet characteristic geometry the structure is based on reveals a calm mass which still generates tension and pleasant excitement in visitors. The large-size consoled projecting roof almost pulls in, entices and welcomes us with its raw force warning us of the presence of the industrial medium. The materials used also underline this effect: cor-ten steel conveys rawness, industrial atmosphere, turns from the exterior into the interior, and is present there as a contrast. One can witness here an exciting harmony of tension and calm equilibrium. Rusty steel surfaces, however, have another message: rust as a layer refers to the mutual layeredness of historical periods, which is continuity itself.

    Architecture and engineering: Antonello Stella & Asarchitects, Ing. Enrico Milani
    Design and executive partners:
    2g Srl, Restauri E Costruzioni, C.P.M. Snc,
    Gm Impianti, Imperflex, Metal. Co. Srl,
    Nucciarelli, Pa.Ve.Sa. Srl, Idrosanitaria Rinaldi
    Vincenzo, Sirtecno Srl Insinna, Sn Costruzioni
    Client: Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Di Pitigliano