A House in the Orchard on Mirror Hill

Detached House, Törökbálint

Architects: László Kalmár, Péter Kronavetter, Zsolt
Text: Márton Hakkel
Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

Surveying the designs of the family house in Törökbálint one notices at first sight that it is a genuinely crystallized nicely crafted project. Technically, the building honestly embodies what Hungarian building industry can achieve at its best in this scale and category with due care, attention to details and with an affordable budget. The rational principle to design and rely on what is already given and we are familiar with: it is an attractive attitude and agreeable starting point for those who interpret architecture as an autonomous, meaningful and communicative, constructive work of art, and not as an interdisciplinary medium of representation. The generosity, refined taste and trust of the client in the architects speaks volumes: the genuine ornament of the house is not an external motif on the facade, some expensive material or a unique expressive mass form, but a tactile, actual empty space without a limiting function: it is a terrace on the upper level.

Architects: László Kalmár, Péter Kronavetter, Zsolt Zsuffa
Fellow architect: Gábor Nagy
Structure: Csaba Harsányi
Garden: Attila Gombás
HVAC: Tamás Fejes, Benedek Végh