Schools and Slaps

Federal High School, Aspern

Architects: Fuchs & Fuchs Architekten
Text: György Szegő
Photos: Hertha Hurnaus, Paul Ott

Aspern Federal School is located in the largest urban expansion district in the northeast of Vienna, where the provided infrastructure should correspond to the criteria of sustainability. According to the progressive competition programme the Federal Ministry of Education wanted a “working and learning community that promotes individual encouragement, work in different group sizes, self-organised and open learning, and project-based lessons”. In terms of organisation, it is planned to implement a system of clusters for the lower secondary stage in which four classrooms share an open learning area. The architects built their house up to the site boundary on three sides. On the fourth side it spreads its arms out to the district park, from where it has the appearance of an airy glasshouse with terraces and a green space rolled out in front. The two arms of the school are stairs that connect all terraces with the school garden. The sides of these stairs are lined with a membrane that runs around the entire building on three sides.

Architects: Hemma Fasch, Jakob Fuchs, Fred Hofbauer
Structure: Werkraum Ingenieure Zt Gmbh
Building technology: Thermo Projekt Gmbh
Electrical engineering: TGA Plan Gebäudetechnik Gmbh; Günter Bösch
Fire protection: Kunz Gmbh
Landscape: Pflanz! Garten&Freiraum Og.