• ремонты от компании StroySila
  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Stone Walls Underground, Ruins Above

    Exhibition Space, Tar

    Architect: Gábor Sisák
    Text: Anett Mizsei
    Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

    This exhibition space was created by using the ruins of a 5000-year-old mansion to survey the medieval local legend. Located among the hills, the former mansion was destroyed in the mid-1500s and the site was surveyed by archaeologists in the 1980s. The only surviving part, a section of the north-western facade has been reinforced since then, and the foundations of the house were restored from stone, so today the horizontal plans of two imposing halls with stone vaults are exposed just like the entrance to the cellar. At the foot of the sloping field there is a small-size object to symbolize the cave known from the legend. Through a narrow entrance one can access various exhibition spaces opening underground. Touring these units one arrives in a two-storey high truncated pyramid. The route with this level shift taking us through the dim rooms allows us to view the remains of the mansion from a brand new perspective. Light installations and symbolic figures are going to lead visitors on through all the exhibition spaces. One of the best bits and strengths of the exhibition zone is its capacity to convey a powerful symbolic message via means of contemporary architecture.

    Leading architect: Gábor Sisák
    Architect: Andrea Telek
    Structure: Mária Bakos Ms. Bóka
    HVAC: Csaba Klagyivik
    Electrical engineering: János Szpisák
    Fire protection: László Hársfalvi