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    National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre, Budapest

    Architect: Zsolt Vasáros
    Text: Tamás Kiss
    Photos: Balázs Danyi

    The Budapest-based National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre has been officially inaugurated. The complex is located right next to the City Park on the site of the former hospital, and has been built within the framework of a brown field development as part of the Liget Budapest project. It has more than significant functions: it offers at last adequate and suitable storage capacities and conditions for processing the works of art and stock possessed by three museums, among them that of the Museum of Fine Arts which is of special international significance. It fulfills and meets criteria and requirements that the museums have had for a long time: it is home to the basic institutional backgrounds of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Ethnographical Museum providing ideal and high-standard contemporary conditions for professional research work, restoration and conservation of art pieces, as well as cutting-edge storage. Functionwise, the house is a hybrid: it is a joint intersection of scientific, administrative, production, studio and laboratory work. A carefully prepared study process preceeded the finalization of the design programme, primarily based on the experience of representatives of the special fields concerned, specialist literature, and a detailed study of similar institutions.

    General concept: Narmer Építészeti Stúdió
    Leading architect: Zsolt Vasáros DLA
    Project architect: Zsolt Megyesi
    Architects: Áron Sasvári, Anikó Somlai, Emőke Bandur-Juhász, Gábor Nagy
    Fellow architects: Ágnes Véner, Ágnes Eiszrich, András Gáll, Petra Kováts, Anna Kőnig, Veronika Krauth, Melinda Vasáros-Lévai, Bianka Molnár, Diána Nusszer, Anna Szabó, Tamás Mayer, Gergely Sági, Réka Szabó, Adrienn Bálint, Ádám Békés, Bálint Tari
    Graphic design: Zsuzsanna Brotesser, Renáta Zsarnóczky
    Landscape: Krisztina Müller
    Regulatory plan: Dr. Béla Nagy
    Project maganement: Óbuda Group–Liget Mérnök Konzorcium
    Main contractor: Strabag Építő Kft.
    Client: Városliget Zrt.