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    The Reconstruction of the Community House of Hungarian Calvinists in Košice, Slovakia

    Architect: János Krcho
    Text: Péter Pásztor
    Photos: János Krcho

    On the site next to the parsonage of the Calvinist church, but closer to the Calvinist church than the parish itself, there is a residential building of medieval origins. The real estate is possessed by the Association of Young Calvinists (FIRESZ) and houses the community services of the Hungarian Calvinist church based in Košice. After a long period of deterioration, which meant the building was ruinous, this autumn the structure was revived after designs by János Krcho. So as to prevent the complete deterioration of the building, FIRESZ had the roofing repaired many years ago. Ongoing reconstruction works at present are targeted to the ground floor and the first level, the yard and the facades, as well as the presentation of the cellar level featuring decorations dating from the Middle Ages.

    Leading architect: János Krcho
    Architecture: János Krcho, Gábor Boženik, Zuzana Senteliková
    Historical research: János Krcho, Zuzana Senteliková
    Interiors: András Félegyházi
    Structure: János Kanócz
    Electrical engineering: Milan Seležan
    Main contractor: Reinter s.r.o.
    Restoration: Peter Gomboš, Jozef Porubovic
    Client: Association of Young Calvinists