The New Gym Hall of Vörösmarty Mihály Secondary Grammar School, Érd

Architects: Attila Turi, Bálint Terdik
Text: Balázs Csóka DLA
Photos: Zsófia Kedves

The development scheme financed by the Hungarian state titled Classroom, Gym Hall, Swimming-Pool was launched in 2014. As its first stage is coming to an end soon, and its second phase is being prepared right now, several gym halls and swimming-pools have been built recently all over the country, mainly in villages and towns where there had been no suitable sports facilities to host physical education lessons and practices. The constructor favoured design schemes adapted to the character of the local architectural and the buildings completed by now show fairly homogenuous designs regarding both standards and contents which justifies the original intentions. This article is a brief survey of the gym hall built for Vörörsmarty Secondary Grammar School in Érd after the standardized designs of the development scheme.

Architects: Attila Turi, Bálint Terdik
Projekt architect: Balázs Csóka
Structure: László Pongor
Electrical engineering: Zsuzsanna Kovács Lászlóné Homonnay
HVAC: László Pacher, Komarovszky Henrik
Fire protection: Lajos Horváth
Client: Nemzeti Sportközpontok, Norbert Kovács