Organic continuation

Sport Centre of Puskás Ferenc Football Academy, Felcsút

Architect: Tamás Dobrosi
Text: Bálint Botzheim
Photos: Tamás Dobrosi

In 1983, Imre Makovecz published the proclamation of the elements of organic architectural thinking and view. Tamás Dobrosi consciously undertakes to continue the tradition of organic architecture. The new sports center was built directly next to the Puskás Academy and the Pancho Arena. The immediate context of the building also provided a starting point for shaping, and its expressive character is in line with the other two previously completed developments. Its top is covered with a huge leaf in the covered space. The roof extends to the ground with a retaining wall, further reinforcing the image of the building as an earth-growing organism. The interior of the building brings the feeling that most of Makovecz’s interior carries: looking upward, one fells himself in a forest. Makovecz writes in 1983 that the field of organic architecture is primarily the periphery. The power of original thoughts is illustrated by the fact that major architectural designers of the architectural school that we established are now planning to build. These include the new buildings of the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy, which — show the way of thinking of organic architecture in a clear and distinct way.

Lead architect: Tamás Dobrosi
Aassistant architects: László Király, Botond Kónyi-Kiss, Antal Szegedi, Krisztina Törekiné Bakó, Oszkár Orbán, Imre Balázs Arnóczki
Interior design: Tamás Dobrosi – Dobrosi Építész Kft., Botond Kónyi-Kiss, László Király
Visualization: Éva Horváth – Aron Art Kft., Tamás Bombicz
Structure: László Pongor – Pond Mérnökiroda Kft., Péter Donáczi, Katalin Erdész, Andrej Balogh, Endre Szász, Orsolya Fülöp
HVAC: László Nagy – NNGáz Kft.
Electrical engineering: István Hegedűs – Albatrezor Kft.
Fire protection: Péter Szigeti
Kitchen technology: Katalin Harangi – Artakim Kft.
Client: A Felcsúti Utánpótlás Neveléséért Alapítvány