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  • Respect and Modesty

    St Michael’s Parish Church Communal House, Albertfalva

    Architect: Zsolt Nemes
    Text: Gábor Nagy
    Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

    Consecrated in 1941, the church erected in honour of St Michael was designed by Jenő Kismarty-Lechner and his son, Jenő Lechner Jr. The characteristic architectural tone of the building was enriched with a harmonious accord to accompany it. The new development almost entirely surrounds the spire of the church. The design programme was phrased in a strict way: a large auditorium, two minor rooms for religious education that can be opened into one, a kitchenette, water zones, an exterior entrance and connection with the church. The overall impression is whole and harmonious. All this is partly the result of the logical floor-plan configuration. Entering the house through a modestly suited foyer we face the large auditorium, whilst access to one of the RE classrooms is accessible from the left. To the right, there is a corridor, with an RE room facing the church on the left, and the water zones on the right. The corridor is continued in an elegant steel pillar form on the outside, and reaches the lateral entrance of the church with an angular turn. Details of this connection also refer to the architectural forms of the church in a respectful and indirect way. The whole new development is permeated by peaceful and pious love.

    Architect: Zsolt Nemes – Nemesép Kft.
    Fellow architect: Tamás Gazdig
    Structure: László Pongor – POND Mérnök Iroda Kft.
    HVAC: Béla Zöld – THERMO-LUX Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Krisztián Kocsis – Kocsis Tervező Iroda Kft.
    Fire protection: Gábor Zsemlye
    Outdoor public utilities: Károly Bíró
    Main contractor: PRÍM Építő Kft.