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    Administration Centre, Szigetszentmiklós

    Architects: Alfréd Peschka, Tamás Csernik, László Banitz
    Text: Marianna Berényi 
    Photos: Áron Lality 

    How is it possible to preserve a badly deteriorating building which had never been a high-standard one without compromising the new functions it is to house or hurting the identity of the location? Can a factory office structure be transformed to simultaneously suit the criteria of the government administration help-desk, the police station, the law-court and the public health authority? Opened to the public in March, 2017, the administration centre located in Szigetszentmiklós has proven to meet all the requirements when we made a tour in it. Formerly used as the office block of the Csepel Automobile Factory, it now houses the Regional Law Court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police Station, the administration help-desk office as well as the Regional Office of Szigetszentmiklós including the job centre and public health authority. As renewed, the four-storey building now rated as A+ has not lost its roots. It has new engineering systems, cooling and heating, electricity, roofing, modern windows and doors, as well as 111 solar panels on the roof. The main mass of the structure has been preserved, as well as the system of parapet lanes, and the original main staircase. Originally built in the mid-20th century, the building was given new chances as it has turned into one of the central venues of local people once again.

    Leading architects: Alfréd Peschka, Tamás Csernik, László Banitz – Óbuda Építész Stúdió
    Fellow architects: Gergő Batízi-Pócsi, János Tréki, Zoltán Volcz, Jeliszej Korcsák, Dávid Szabó, Balázs Zsiga, Ádám Lukács-Nagy
    Structure: Tamás Vértesy
    HVAC: György Pavlics 
    Electrical engineering: Gábor Kun 
    Roads, traffic: Zsuzsanna Ötvös 
    Public utilities: Géza Hobl
    Acoustics, environment protection: Róbert Csott 
    Environment, landscape: Ildikó Szepezdi 
    Project manager: Zsolt Miklóshalmi 
    Client: Pest Megyei Kormányhivatal