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  • Literacy is a Landscape

    „I wantes to build the house from the beginning which has already existed long before the rise of human kind” .” (Imre Makovecz, 2002)

    Makovecz Imre rajza az Atlantisz-sorozatból

    It is difficult to understand that erudition is a landscape – meta-nature -, in which we are to move, we have to know its connections, the thoughts of significant individuals, their realtions to the ideas of other people and groups.
    The writings included in this book are the continuations or the beginnings of other’s thoughts. If we do not know them, not only in the past, but also in the future, we do not understand, we do not see and we are not in the meta-nature – “the secret garden” – of erudition.

    Imre Makovecz: Writings, 1989