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  • Relation and Recomposition

    Incubator House in Kővágószőlős

    Architects: József Koller, Erzsébet Zoltán
    Text: Zorán Vukoszávlyev
    Photos: József Hajdú

    Supporting newly started minor enterprises by providing them rooms to rent, an incubator house relies upon the rich infrastructure of the location. Hidden behind the label „industrial park”, the idea of high standards illustrates the intended directions of development as opposed to the heterogenuos uncertainty of native reality in Hungary, József Koller and his fellow designers removed certain details from the house with a firm hand so as to find the components that could be accepted even today whilst preserving the main structure. This way they focussed on the brick masonry structure as a valuable part from among the outdated structures of the house whereas unfolding everything else, including even the window parapets, which left the skeleton of the house they only completed in the hiatuses. The house is not clad in a new attire as the faculties of the wall built in 1951 had been accepted even though the structure does not meet the criteria of thermotechnology due to our presently prevailing overexplained ecological way of thinking. The team of architects from Pécs have thus taken charge of the characteristic appearance of brick along with the knowledge that the renaissance of this material makes the revelation ultimately humanized.

    Architects: József Koller, Erzsébet Zoltán – Koller és Társa Tervező Kft.
    Fellow architects: Zoltán Bánfalvi, Ákos Hoffecker, Ferenc Lőke
    Structure: József Maros, András Kis-Bogdán – Marosterv Kft.
    Engineering: Zsolt Eördögh, Krisztián Jermás – Hevaszer Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Béla Hegyi – Pécsi Villamosterv Kft.
    Landscape: Tibor Böjte