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  • The Natural Boundaries of Construction

    Hungary has Grown out of Biocapacity

    Text: László Antal Z.

    Sourse: KSH

    Forrás: KSH

    Modernist societies have established a new kind of relationship with nature which gave them the chance to go beyond the boundaries of nature. One of the consequences of this is that both the number and sizes of flats has grown in the past few years just like in the developed industrial countries, whilst their equipment underwent radical changes as well. Besides their obvious advantages, these changes brought about serious ecological consequences as well which necessitate the analysis of changes from this aspect too. One of the consequences of their new relationship with nature is that mankind as such has already gone beyond the boundaries of nature which guarantees undisturbed operation in the long run for both nature and societies. To top it all, whilst the majority of people living in villages of natural civilisations who primarily engaged in agriculture directly saw, experienced and felt the boundaries of nature (such as the potentials and limits of lands, forests, bodies of water), the relationship of humans and nature in modern and gradually urbanizing societies weakened. In my article I am phrasing some viewpoints after presenting a new concept of the relationship between nature and society in modern societies which may contribute to an ecological-oriented analysis of changes in housing in the past century or so.