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  • From the Within towards the Outside

    Summer Resort, Balatonszárszó

    Architects: Katalin Fazekas, Árpád Vilics
    Text: Levente Szabó
    Photos: Tamás Szentirmai


    This building in Balatonszárszó by Katalin Fazekas and Árpád Vilics cannot be regarded in a different way than a peaceful and calm manifestation of natural unity, that is the integral approach to exteriors and interiors, architectural statements and materials, as well as details that are simply inseparable from each other. It is obvious that the concept to develop this narrow and yet longish building site with two buildings featuring a private beach along the shore of Lake Balaton was actually born in the design stage: as a result, the whole scheme, mass formation and the design to almost totally open spaces up were elaborated. However, when we make a tour of the building we have the impression it must have been just the other way round: what we see and experience seems to be an integral follow-up of the ultimately tailor-made spaces and delicate interior details. The materials used as well as spatial configurations further enhance the unity of the exterior and interior. Articulating the development into two buildings as well as their orientation divides the garden into three parts with different characters and various degrees of intimacy. To achieve the maximum degree of transparency whilst exposing views of the lake were the principles organising the entire design scheme: insights from the street are minimized, whilst connections between the parts of the garden as well as the exposure towards the lake are maximized. By opening up the large folding doors one cannot decide where the borderline between the building and the garden runs. On top of all that, the spacious roof deck functions as a fourth section of the garden.

    Architects: Katalin Fazekas, Árpád Vilics – Kettőpera Stúdió
    Interior design: Katalin Fazekas, Árpád Vilics – Kettőpera Stúdió
    Fellow architect: Gabriella Antal
    Ceramics: Zsófia Kovács – Konstella
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Tóth – Planet
    HVAC: Bence Végh – Astra Consilium
    Statics: Viktor László – Konstrua
    Garden design: János Hómann, Máté Pécsi – S73
    Technical supervisor: Attila Farsang
    General contractor: Kiss-Magyar Építő
    Garden construction: Szabó Kertépítő