One, two, three

Air Traffic Control Centre of HungaroControl

Architects: László Kalmár, Zsolt Zsuffa
Text: Dominika Vámos
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Although at the time of the publication of the tender in 2007 the building was meant to have a somewhat different function, the crisis of the economic environment forced a change: thus this building houses the most important rooms of air traffic control and the management of the company as well. The finished structure occupies the site reserved for it self-confidently but still with some degree of modesty. Articulated by open atriums, the three-storey wings have the advantage of logical and transparent horizontal layouts lacking the monotony of corridor systems but housing generous and well-lit offices facing the garden. This highly elaborated organization has been suited to adjust to the functional transformation taking place meanwhile, also able to able open up the potentials for including a double height control room of appr. 500 square metres. In the northern wing opened up via wall-size windows towards the airport there is space for the traffic controllers and meteorologists and also the representative offices for the purposes of the management.

Leading architects: László Kalmár, Zsolt Zsuffa
Leading fellow archtect: Gábor Nagy
Fellow architects: Glória Papp, Szilvia Rehus (tender), Katalin Fazekas, Zsófia Lázár, Kanyó Mihály (design and tender plan), Balázs Rose, Iván Patrik Kund (construction plan)
Interior design: Gábor Szokolyai, Dénes Kovács
Structure: Gergely Dobszay, Csaba Hadnagy, László Kakassy, Andrea Kácsor
Static: Csaba Harsányi (design and tender plan), Gábor Tamás (construction plan)
Technical installations: Tamás Fejes, László Szalóky
Public utilities: Péter Jordán, András Dima
Electrical engineering: Péterné Bogár, Pál Bischoff
Landscape: Karolin Bán
Fire protection: János Mészáros
Roads: Miklós Wettstein
Acoustics: Éva Borsiné Arató
Main contractor: Swietelsky Zrt.– Közgép Zrt. consortium (Balázs Nagy construction manager)