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  • The Rebirth of the Heart of a Settlement

    Budapest Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Drawing and Forms Department,
    Diploma Work, 2013

    Concept: Róbert Gál
    Consultant: András Tibor Kertész

    Terv: Gál Róbert

    My diploma design is meant for my hometown, Alsónémedi to salvage at least partially the buildings of the former stationery factory in the centre standing vacant now for more than a decade. now. My plan is to clad this fragment of the past in a new, yet recognizable attire by retaining some parts of the existing building stock within the framework of a project minimalizing costs. Before starting the designing process, a programme for a building resembling a culture and events centre was outlined by the requirements we surveyed. The focus of the design is the steel-frame stucture of the former stationery factory. The hall is positioned in a yard surrounded by walls, and the primary functions are all housed in this mass. The hall and the cortile is framed by outer blocks of the secondary auxiliary functions.