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  • Finding an Equilibrium

    University Clinic Centre, Oncotherapy Institute, Pécs

    Architect: Tamás Varga
    Text: Zoltán Schrammel
    Photos: Antal Szentendrei


    The building housing the oncotherapy institute occupies its space in a characteristic way: one cannot miss it after taking the winding road up the hill in an environment so versatile architecture-wise. It was a bravado to make advantage of the features of the slanting terrain to facilitate functions. A key factor in the success of the hospital building was the scheme for logistics, which has been implemented in a spectacularly tight space with an efficient system of internal transport and communication. Patients’ arrival is meaningful, clear and well-organised here. Internal contents alway open up where it is necessary: space logically controls without tempting superfluously, but has a smoothing and calming effect. Patients coming here for examinations and daily treatment can use the lower two storeys both of which may be rated as ground-floors which results from the elevation of the road along the building. The upper two floors house patient care units, with a capacity of 27 beds per unit, containing comfortable single and double rooms. The orientation of the rooms is advantageous, each of them have views of the botanical gardens in the neighbourhood. The new building connects with the old radiotherapy pavilion at the mezzanine level: this structure was designed by the designer of the new building, Tamás Varga twenty years ago.

    Client: Pécsi Tudományegyetem Klinikai Központ
    Project manager: Dr. Tibor Kukay
    Architect: Tamás Varga DLA
    Fellow architects: Luca Varga, Balázs Domonkos
    Hospital technology: János Kerese
    Structure: Béla Bősze
    HVAC: Zoltán Dankó
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Somlai
    Roads: József Gyimesi
    Main contractor: Cserkuti Generál Kft.