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  • Teaching While Building

    Applying a comunity-based design method systematically during investment processes

    Text: János Vági

    A „Hártyafal” installáció. Fotó: Vági János

    „Hártyafal” installation. Photo: János Vági

    Changes affecting our economic environment entail a natural transformation of architectural thinking, including its focus and in many cases its directions. The consequences of this are already evident in architectural design, in architectural theory, education and training, the approach acquired by researchers, as well as in investments. It also involved the transformation of the architectural market, tasks associated with architecture, and even new areas requiring the contribution and co-operation of architects. Under this climate a unique methodology of architectural design evolved: the systematic application of design work based on the involvement of the community concerned. Experiments in the past few decades illustrate the potentials involved. Methodologies were born as a result of practical experience. Their utilization was encouraged partly by the rationality developed in the economic environment and context and that of the way of thinking as it is only their application which may help to realize rentable and reasonable architectural interventions and investments.