A Fortress within a Town

Hotel Tokajvár, Tokaj

Architect: Marcel Ferencz
Text: Rita Tuczai
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


The present-day form of Hotel Tokajvár resembling that of a fortress derives from the remodelling and extension of an old building. The tranquil and respectful appearance of its facade is conveyed by its proportions and brick architecture reflecting an order free from all kinds of trappings. The long facade is evenly articulated, and thus preserves the configuration of the openings of the original structure. The additional storey is adjusted to it by the rhythm of its crenel-like windows. The original arched gateway has been preserved in its place, and it sinks into the surrounding brick surface as the single curve of the street-front of the house like a framework. This brave crystallized discipline systematically appears in the configuration of the horizontal plan of the building as well as in the simplicity of the frame-like development of the inner courtile. The originally horse-shoe-shaped single-storey development has been completed with another unit and an additional storey so to be as closed as a quadrangle. The courtile embraced by the building from all sides evokes the inner world of a minor fortress with its closed character, proportions and designs of openings.

Architecture: NAPUR Architect Kft.
Leading architect: Marcel Ferencz DLA
Fellow architect: György Détári
Structure: Imre Bortnyák, Ferenc Pap
HVAC: Géza Porosz
Electrical engineering: János Varga
Accessibility: István Gortka
Fire protection: Zsolt Kovács