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  • Photography, above All

    Architectural Photography in Hungary 2012

    Budapest, XIII., Pozsonyi út 52-55., fotó: Fejér Zoltán, 2008

    For a long time the most popular communication tool is the photography. It is almost our partner. We live with it every day. But in addition to our “loved ones” we have to face with thousands of photos flowing us in chaotic mass. It is understandable that – perhaps because of self-defence, or like the instincts of a drowning man – we want to arrange our relationship with this medium. At first I do not ask, what architectural photography is, and where it comes from and where it is going. But what are those things, objects, that photography able to exposes today, and in what kind of a subjective relationship is between us. The incredible versatility of photography attempts to capture things: art photography, documentary photography, advertising and press photography (etc.) can either be ‘architectural photography’. But even in a technical/engineering scientifically-created image of a fragment of reality, all kind of applied photography finds it’s way towards architecture.

    György Szegő editor-in-chief and the editors