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    Reconstruction Project of Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion in Mád

    Architect: Gábor Erhardt
    Text: Ágnes Kovács
    Photos: Károly Zsolt Nagy


    This prestigious building stands along the main street of Mád. It is an extension of a previous single-storey manor house built in the 16-17th century by Julianna Rákóczi and her husband, Count Aspremont Ferdinand Gobert as they wished to transform it into a single-storey Baroque-style palatial mansion in the early 1700s. The new owner of the building who came in possession of the mansion in December, 2008 was an open-minded businessman who naturally preserved the relics of the history of the building and lent it new and yet authentic and appropriate functions. The outbuildings at the back were partly rebuilt and now house the wine-processing plant, whilst the ground-floor rooms hold the offices of the winery and the reception area. Upstairs representative accommodations have been furnished. Designer and construction teams commissioned with the authentic reconstruction project have done disciplined and high-standard job here. One can participate in a unique trip in time when walking around the beautiful vaulted rooms of the mansion. The foyer upstairs had been a half-open porch where the original Baroque-style pillars and stuccoes articulate walls. Inside the building and also in the garden we can find lots of charming spots that help us to temporarily step out from our everyday lives and experience eternity by authentically reviving the tastes and spirits of the period when the original building was erected.

    Architect: Gábor Erhardt
    Interiors: Ágnes Bálint, Rita Igaz
    Archeology: Klára Mentényi, Cabello Juan
    Fresco restorations: Péter Boromisza, Klára Nemessányi
    Doors and windows: Balázs Fabók
    Tile stoves: Judit Szebényi