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    Drapers Bastion, Brasov

    Architects: Radu Enescu, Constantin Goagea, Justin Baroncea
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Cosmin Dragomir


    Brasov is one of the Transylvanian cities built in the Middle Ages by German (Saxon) colonists. Most of its fortifications were demolished to make way for massive development in the 19th and the 20th centuries. In the last ten years the city council has commenced a programme of gradual restoration and conversion of the remaining walls, towers and bastions. The Drapers Bastion, converted by Point 4 architects, is part of this fortification system. Having been abandoned for such a long time, fragile elements had vanished completely, leaving just the heavy circular wall. The architects consequently proposed to house the information centre in a free-standing interior tower that does not infringe in any way on the structure or the exterior image of the bastion. The old structure was repaired. As marks in the walls allowed the old timber sentinel walks to be retraced, it was decided to reconstruct them in a contemporary way. The new walkways adopt both the position and basic geometry of the original ones, but consist of a steel structure with beechwood floorings and a metal mesh parapet. The new tower starts in the basement with a minimal footprint and allows an internal view of the bastion along its full height and gives access to the rebuilt sentinel walks.

    Architects: Radu Enescu, Constantin Goagea, Justin Baroncea – Point 4 Space
    Restoration: Marina Iliescu, Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea
    Collabirators: Ada Demetriu, Vitalie Cataraga
    Structure: Ramb Sistem