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  • Castles and Human Beings, Europa Nostra Prize 2013

    Alsóbogát, Festetics-Inkey Castle

    Architects: Endre Szűcs, Péter Tóth
    Text: Attila Turi
    Photos: Endre Szűcs, Csaba Nagyházi

    In the category of preserving cultural heritage the minor Festetics castle of Alsóbogát has been awarded Europa Nostra prize. Csaba Nagyházi and his wife, the owners of an art gallery in Budapest bought the deteriorating castle in Alsóbogát in Somogy county which was then used for „the purposes of agriculture”. Their highly refined taste made them aware of the value of the structure even in its disastrous condition, and they did not approach the purchase as a chance of investment. Architects Endre Szűcs and Péter Tóth had been experienced in projects restoring historic buildings. They carefully surveyed the potentials and stood up for restoring the castle to its original function. On the ground floor the partitions built later were pulled down to return to the original interior spatial system in its entirety. As a modern-age invention, the bathroom was created from rooms retaining their original dimensions. The only intervention of radical change was the opening of the two lounges into the terrace which resulted in restoring the asymmetry of the facade. The cellar now houses a community room, a winery and a store room. All the openings were remade based on the available original designs, the attic remained as it was, and while walking along the wooden pavement above the vaulting one can enjoy and admire the Baroque structures and the view of the picturesque chimneys.

    Client: Marietta Soóky, Csaba Nagyházi
    Architects: Endre Szűcs, Péter Tóth
    Fellow architect: Zsuzsa Magó Vámossy
    Main contractor: several villager contractors, leaders: Csaba Nagyházy Endre Szűcs
    Project management: Csaba Nagyházi, Endre Szűcs, Gábor Szendrei
    Monument expert: Henriette Levárdy
    Technical installations: László Skrobák
    Electrical engineering: János Gulyás
    Interior design: Endre Szűcs, Gábor Gereben
    Wall eyxpert: László Gere
    Restoration of frescoes: Miklós Szentkirályi, Péter Boromisza, Klára Nemessányi, Miklós Gyöpös, Gergely Szűcs, András Heitler, Ferenc Springer
    Garden design: Balázs Bucskó
    Timberwork: Tibor Réti