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  • An Evolving History

    The Restoration of the Castle in Siklós

    Architect: Judit Kaló
    Text: Tamás Fejérdy
    Photos: Judit Kaló, Róbert Hack, Ferenc Tepper


    The Castle in Siklós is unique in that it is the only castle in Hungary which has come down to us as relatively intact. By the 2000s, however, this historic monument had been deteriorated to such an extent that its restoration could no longer be postponed. Restoration projects taking it in turn were realized in several stages. Hopefully, the creation of new sustainable functions that may also contribute to the sustainability of the building itself shall expose elements of a more beautiful future as well as less known chapters of the history of the castle. The programme to utilize the building moved two institutions into the castle: a hotel with a restaurant, a museum doubling as a wine-tasting bar, a café, a conference hall and a theatre. During three of the restoration stages of the historic monument results and findings of excavations on the site were also integrated into the comprehensive concept, which greatly contributes to the experiencability of the history of the castle.
    The concept of housing the new visitors’ centre underground is a genuine bravado of the scheme: without visually disturbing the exterior of the castle, it appears on a logical site to cater for visitors. The bastion was restored by due carefulness and modesty, a practical attitude of real professionals. The idea of having a theme park here is an interesting addition, and it was completed with signs presenting the designs of renaissance-style gardens. Whilst making a tour of the gardens here one can even have a rest on the green benches clad in lawn. The third stage was to restore the facade of the northern and western projections, including the knights’ hall, the café as well as the northern deck.

    General architecture: Archigeo Bt.
    Leading architect: Judit Bernadett Kaló
    Architects: Boglárka Bertalan, Erika Erdélyi, Gábor Freivogel, Kata Tudor, Dániel Maros
    Structure: dr. Diána Meskóné Békefi
    Restoration: András Pandula
    HVAC: Zoltán Hutterer, György Nika
    Lighting technology: Ferenc Haász
    Wrought iron: János Lehoczky
    Landscape, garden: Anita Szabadics, Rita Remeczki
    Glassworks: Eleonóra Balogh
    Art historian: György Bartos
    Archaeology: Juan Cabelli Collini
    Mural works: Gyöngyi Fazekas
    Stone restoration: József Sütő, Vilmos Osgyáni, Péter Rákos
    Main contractors: Bayer Center Kft., Hun-Bau Holding Kft.
    Client: Siklós Város Önkormányzata