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    BME’s Team at the Solar Decathlon Competition, 2012

    Text: Tamás Varga

    Solar Decathlon is an international innovative competition of universities organized since 2002 by the US Ministry of Energetics and the Spanish government with the aim to develop, spread and popularize architectural and technical solutions related to the utilization of solar energy, sustainability, green technologies and the utilization of renewable energies as well as to establish their social and commercial support. In 2012 in Madrid every participating team had to design a residential house with a horizontal plan of 70 square metres with the cooperation of market agents: the building had to use exclusively solar energy, to be energy-efficient, environment-conscious and lightweight constructed. From our region the students’ team of BME (Budapest Technical University) submitted a successful project meeting the criteria of the tender. This team of 25 people is mentored by the Faculty of Architecture at BME.