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    ICHOT – Gate of Poznan

    Architects: Arkadiusz Emerla, Maciej Wojda, Piotr Jagiełłowicz, Wojtek Kasinowicz
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Mariusz Lis, Maciej Lulko, Wojciech Krynski

    ICHOT was built in the most historical part of Poznan, the Island of Ostrow Tumski, where the Polish statehood and Christianity have their origins. It is not a museum, there are no artifacts. All artifacts and historical places are around on the Cathedral Island. The primary purpose of ICHOT is to familiarize visitors with its history and significance, but what is more important, to inspire us to explore the Island on our own and to get an up close look at its historic sites. The design consists of the main, modern style building and the restored Fort called Sluza Tumska, which was once a part of Prussian fortifications system. The idea of the creating this building was closer to minimalism rather than modernism. Composition, balance have been obviously very important, but most of all from the beginning the idea was to keep meaning to the concept of the project and develop all the elements arising as a whole. Very simple form of the building deprived of any needless ornaments on the one hand is built in respect to the historical background but on the other hand stands in striking contrast to them emphasizing modern times when it came into being. The main idea of the building is subordinated to the Cathedral by splitting main block and creating this way a crevice oriented to the church. The view of the Cathedral accompanies visitors to the exhibition while they cross the glass bridges on every level.

    Architecture: Ad Artis Architects
    Architects: Arkadiusz Emerla, Maciej Wojda, Piotr Jagiełłowicz, Wojtek Kasinowicz
    Exhibition design: Tempora SA
    Structural design: ICON Grupa Projektowa, Marcin Matoga
    Facade systems: Aluprof S.A., HUECK
    Lighting: Viabizzuno, ERCO
    Investor: Poznan