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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • From an Industrial Zone to a Museum Quartier

    Renzo Piano’s “Poplar” District in Trento

    Text: Judit Muszik
    Architect: Renzo Piano
    Photos: MUSE


    Museo delle Scienze, or MUSE, is the new museum by Renzo Piano opened at the end of July in Trento. It became popular right then amongst locals by its nickname it received from its creators. The museum was built on the former and abandoned premises of Michelin in line with the development plans of the Trentino region driven by the ambition to not only develop internal and international tourism, but also to recycle the former factory site, to enliven the life of the district, as well as to boost communication between the town and the river. The forms of the museum building remind us of the hills surrounding the town, and the solar panels wrapping its roof reach up with their sharp edges towards the sky much like ice shards. Glass used extensively also enhances the impressions of cold, clean, chilly Alpine air. The museum building floats above the water surrounding it and has an entrance accessible via boardwalks. The interaction of transparent components, water, air, the large expanses of glass washes away the boundaries between the exterior and interior, which is in harmony with a Renzo Piano’s thesis: „Architecture is lightness”.

    Architects: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
    Design team: S. Scarabicchi, E. Donadel, M.Menardo, M.Orlandi, G.Traverso, D.Vespier and P.Carrera, L.Soprani, M.Pineda; I.Corsaro
    Consultants: Iure, Riccardo Giovannelli, Manens Intertecnica, Dia Servizi, GAE Engineering, BBM, Origoni & Steiner, Piero Castiglioni