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  • Sacred Design

    The New Image of the Mortuary in Vác

    Designer: Zsombor Kiss
    Text: Szabolcs Bence Török
    Photos: László Beliczay

    Fotó: Beliczay László

    The mortuary in a district of Vác named Alsóváros had been in need of both exterior and interior reconstruction for years. Launched last year, the project actually started with the re-designing of the interiors, leaving us only hoping for its even exterior facelift which had been an even more burning issue. The unusual order of project stages was matched by an extraordinary approach as the designer chose a completely new identity for the interior. The reborn mortuary intensively expresses its obvious message: a characteristic work of sacred interior architecture was born here which is adjusted to minimalist and modernist trends.

    Designer: Zsombor Kiss
    Main contractor: Gábor Koncz
    Client: Váci Egyházmegye