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    The Reconstruction and Extension of Hotel Erzsébet, Paks

    Architects: Péter Fejérdy, István Bartók, László Földes, Andrea Kern, Csaba Klenk
    Text: János Gerle
    Photos: Gábor Máté, János Gerle, Péter Fejérdy

    There is hardly any old picture postcard of Paks from which the oversized Neo-Classicist elevation of Hotel Erzsébet built on the axis of the main street is missing. It is not the only reason why the building has grown into an iconic one of the town: as a relic of the early phase of the rise of the middle class it has preserved its original function for a century now as the most important venue of social life here.
    This was how landowners of Paks and its vicinity founded Hotel Erzsébet also housing the casino (that is a social club) opened as one of the first ones in the country. Some of the portraits of these gentlemen still grace the walls in the conference centre of the nuclear power-plant of Paks as a result of the research into architectural history ordered by the power station and owing to the inventiveness of György Frank, the designer of the interiors. Among the enlarged documents used as wall decoration in the rooms of the new hotel wing one can find the recipes of cakes taken from an old local handwritten cookbook, some of which can be bought at the new patisserie as a specialty (and for the future generations there are also the designs of recostruction).

    Architecture: Fejérdy és Bartók Építészeti Kft
    General design and architecture of the new part of hotel: István Bartók, Péter Fejérdy
    Fellow architects: Aurél Benárd, Anna Bojti, Anikó Natta, Balázs Tatár
    Architects of the old hotel parts: Andrea Kern, Csaba Klenk – Kern és Klenk Építészeti Bt:
    Architects of the Café: László Földes, Orsolya Gönczi, Csaba Balogh – Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft:
    Architects of the new hotel and garage:
    Structure of the garage: Ottó Baskó, Ádám Becker – Baskó Építészeti és Mérnöki Bt.
    Structure of the hotel: János, Volkai Szikszainé Pintér Margit – TM Janeda Kft.
    Structure, insulation: László Kakasy, Gergely Dobszay, Ferenc Kuntner – Kakasy és Társa Kft.
    Structure of the old hotel: József Kern
    Structure of the café: Zoltán V. Nagy – Lendvai Mérnökiroda
    Interior design: György Frank – Arma Bt.
    Glass works: Anna Baróthy, Csenge Kolozsvári – Szövetség 39.
    Curtains: Zsuzsi Szabó
    Technical installations: Zoltán Simon, Tibor Takács – Paksimon Kft.
    Electrical engineering: György Kovács, Zoltán Ivanics – Provill Kft.
    Landscape: Péter István Balogh, Borbála Gyüre – S73 Kft.
    Outdoor public utilities: József Kovács – Hidrosz Bt.
    Road, parking: Zoltán Veres – Veres és Társa Bt.
    Client: Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.
    Main contractor: VILLKESZ Kft.