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    Sauflon Innovation Centre

    Architects: László Földes, Johanna Csűri, Tamás Holics
    Glass work: András Bojti
    Text: Péter Sugár
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Fotó: Bujnovszky Tamás

    Part of the production hall of Sauflon factory near Budapest specialised in contact lenses now houses furnishes the „academy”, an innovation centre for in-service training and conferences. László Földes, Johanna Csűri and Tamás Holics were commissioned with the project after winning an invitational architectural tender. The architectural concept is based on a systematically constructed spatial system. Its design pattern is defined by the technology boxes built in a more than 500-metre long „passage” in the production hall. The passages of the „academy” were created by by built-in boxes flanking the empty space from two sides: intruding into this space is a positive volume housing the auditorium, and spatial extensions formed like negative boxes. The impressive and inventively witty English terms for these spaces were integral parts of the architectural marketing now: the auditorium is named „theatre”, the neighbouring „fitting room” is used for exhibitions, whilst the internal street is „Academy passage”. Despite the relatively modest programme (covering a floor area of 700 m2) is not a conceited naming, but quite fitting: the spatial system is theatrical in the positive sense of the word. Sterility of production and high-tech sophistication is represented by almost walls glowing white, the synthetic resin floor, the shimmering and sterile glass expanses, as well as ever-present white light radiating from every direction which floods the space from the direction of the 12 metre windbreaking glass partition and the roof skylights.
    Among others, the successful achievements of Hungarian designers also acknowledged by the English owner is partly a result of the fact that their philosophy of design and operation resembles that of the English company. Managed by László Földes, this team of architects ambitions purposeful and innovative architectural activities matched by efficient marketing, which actually means that they regard every project as a chance to excel and do their best.

    Architecture: Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft.
    Leading architect: László Földes
    Fellow architects: Johanna Csűri, Tamás Holics
    Glass work: András Bojti
    Structure: Zoltán V. Nagy
    HVAC: Attila Lucz
    Electrical engineering: Judit Balázs
    Acoustics: György Mnyerczán
    Fire protection: György Báder
    Rehabilitation expert: Éva Jávor
    Main contractor: Újlaki Építő Kft.