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    SKANSKA Green House Office Block, Budapest

    Architects: Asa Haremst, Anders Svenningson, Tamás Pintér
    Text: Attila Ertsey
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    The Green House integrates into the series of green office blocks built recently that do not feature yet the whole toolbar of sustainable architecture and are only modestly innovative: they were designed to include just as much as needed in order to be rated as top-end real estates in the market and only what is profitable PR-wise. However, there is an ambition here, which is a welcome fact anyway as it paves the way for would-be buildings that will meet the Nearly Zero criteria and stay within their ecological footprint owing to their building materials and thus remain carbon-dioxide neutral even according to the whole life-cycle carbon-footprint calculation.

    Architects: Asa Haremst, Anders Svenningson – White Arkitekter AB, Sweden), Tamás Pintér – DPi design kft.
    Interior design: Tamás Pintér – DPi design kft.
    Restaurant interior: Tamás Pintér, Tímea Csaba – DPi design kft.
    Fellow architects: Péter Kovács, Tamás Kéner, Attila Cselovszki, Zsuzsanna Lefkánics, Miklós Dombi
    Structure: Attila Farsang, Orsolya Dudinszky – Farsangterv Kft.
    Environment: Péter István Balogh , Máté Pécsi – S73 Kft.
    Structural engineering: László Szántó, Bottyán Pataki – Exon2000 Kft.
    Technical installations: László Kolarovszki, Balázs Nyári – Körösconsult Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Péter Gáspár – GSTR Kft., Gábor Barna – KÓD Kft.
    Projekt management: Gábor Pados – SKANSKA
    LEED evaluation: András Schmidt – SKANSKA
    Client: SKANSKA
    Main contractor: NARVA Kft.