Architectural Dialogue

Mansion on Svábhegy Architects: László Földes, Dániel Laczó Text: Anna Zöldi Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Designed by László Földes and Dániel Laczó, this mansion is located along a relatively busy road, Originally built for several cohabiting generations, it is only the ground floor which is being used now, and the future of the other storeys is […]

Sweet Home

Detached House, Budapest Architect: Eszter Dénes Text: Sándor Csontó Photos: Zsófia Kedves Located on Aranyhegy in District 3 of Budapest, this detached family house has a neighbourhood where formerly there had been resort sites used for gardening and growing fruits. These lots have been developed into residential zones since the 90s rapidly. Nearby there are […]

Ideas Springing from Gaps of Thoughts

Detached House, Feleac (RO) Architect: Gábor Tóthfalusi Text: Gábor Erhardt Photos: István Bíró Located near Cluj-Napoca, Feleac is a settlement highly popular among young families moving away from towns and cities. For the site on the northern slope of the village with a full panoramic view of Cluj-Napoca, architect Gábor Tóthfalusi designed a high-standard classic […]

New in Body Only

Reconstruction of Károly Kós Well-House and Resort, Kászonjakabfalva (RO) Architect: Győző Esztány Text: Anthony Gall Photos: Győző Esztány, István Szigeti Vajk Designed by Károly Kós, the Pán well-house is located in Seklerland Kászoni Valley and was built for the former senior GP of Sepsiszentgyörgy, Dr. Kristóf Fogolyán almost 100 years ago. The site has been […]

Pyramids Upside Down

Matamoro Market, Mexico Architects: Colectivo 733 Text: György Szegő Photos: Rafael Gamo Mexico-based Colectivo C733 has completed a public market that features prefabricated triangular-trapezoidal umbrellas on the roof to gain daylight and facilitate warm air escape through these giant roof modules in Mexico City. The 2,868-square metre market is located at a residual plot of […]

Hungarian Concepts for the Shenzhen Opera Competition

Concepts: ZDA, Robert Gutowski Architects In 2020, two projects from two Hungarian architectural firms were included in the second round of the international design competition for the design of the Shenzhen Opera House, among the top 20 designs. Below we present the plans of ZDA as well as Robert Gutowski Architects.  

Getting started

The first generation of generative software to help design Text: Bálint Botzheim Generative methods have been present in architectural research since the 1990s, however, until recent years, few thought they could play a role in real design processes. The situation is changing and today Autodesk, the largest software vendor, has also flagged the use of […]

Prizes Awarded on March 15th

On our national holiday on March 15th, prestigious state and arts prizes are annually awarded as a rule. Besides the Ybl prize, which is traditionally handed over on this day, in 2021 our architects and thus also the professionals in architecture have been recognized with further awards. The Kossuth Prize went to Bálint Nagy and […]

Media Architectural Prize 2020

Organized by Építészfórum, on February 20th, it was the 16th time that Media Architectural Prize awards ceremony was held to recognize this year’s most outstanding works of architecture. Due to the pandemic, the event was online streamed from the venue, Trafó Contemporary Arts House. Founded by Építészfórum, the Media Architectural Prize is unique for the […]

(Magyar) Mathias Corvinus Collegium

Result of the Design Contest In January 2021 Mathias Corvinus Collegium Foundation published an open design contest for the architectural concept of the main building of Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Somlói Road, Budapest. The primary objective was to create a building (complex) the distant silhouette of which encourages us to visit it, and translates a […]

Essential Contents

Lutheran Church, Budakeszi Architect: László Benczúr Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: József Hajdú The Lutheran Congregation held it very first mass in November 2020 in its newly inaugurated church in Budakeszi. The exterior features simple, purely spatial geometrical components and a rational spatial configuration. A formative element of the composition is the terracotta-coloured oval-shaped plastered prism […]

The Nature Of Time

Water-Powered Saw Mill Visitors’ Centre, Ívó, Seklerland (RO) Architect: Köllő Miklós Text: Anthony Gall Photos: Zoltán-Levente Erős, Vajk-István Szigeti, Miklós Köllő (Larix Studio) In Seklerland, located on the western side of the Madaras Harghita of Madaras, there is a water-powered sawmill with a visitors’ centre besides Ivó stream, in the centre of the village Ivó. […]