Architectural Time Travel

UIA World Congresses 1978–1996

Text: Judit Osskó

Preparatory meeting before the foundation of the UIA, London 1946

Unique in its kind as a worldwide organisation of architects, UIA (Union internationale des Architectes) was founded in 1948 in Lausanne. Not …

Fundamentals – The Foundations of what?

14th International Architecture Biennale, Venice

Text: György Szegő
Photos: Velencei Biennále, Andrea Fábián, György Szegő

Curator Rem Koolhaas associated architecture with the century of modernity lasting from 1914 to 2014 overburdened with devastating invasions and terrible sufferings. According to …

14th International Architecture Exhibition Venice

Death in Venice

Szöveg: Hatvani
Fotók: Hatvani, László György Sáros, International Architecture Exhibition Venice

According to previous information, this biennale was meant to be different from all the former ones. The Koolhaas method, „more and more, more is more…”, …

I. National Architecture Salon

Műcsarnok, Budapest, 3 June – 7 September 2014

Text: Kas Oosterhuis
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Knowing Hungary from the inside out as from 1978 thanks to my partner in life and business Ilona Lénárd who was born and raised in …

Ybl Miklós Prize 2014

Ybl Bicentenary, National Opera House

Since its foundation in 1953, the prize named after Miklós Ybl was now, in 2014 for the first time handed over in the Budapest Opera House, one of the most significant buildings of the …

„Connecting the skies with Earth…”

Imre Makovecz Oeuvre Exhibition, Vigadó, 03. 15. – 09. 21. 2014

Text: Katalin Dávid
Photos: Erzsébet Maczkó

March 15th saw the opening of Imre Makovecz’s oeuvre exhibition in the newly facelifted Vigadó building, which is now the new of …

Castle Garden Bazaar Revives

Prelude to the Year of Miklós Ybl

Photo: Tibor Zsitva

The 200th anniversary of Miklós Ybl’s birth and the commemoration year devoted to him is the apropos for us to remember the influences and afterlife of his achievements by …


The Hungarian Pavilion of the 14th Venetian Architectural Biennale

Concept: Jakab Csaba, Márton László Attila

The winning design of the Hungarian pavilion in the 2014 Venetian Architectural Biennale was submitted by Csaba Jakab and László Márton presenting architects’ teams …

Millenary Velodrom Design Contest 2014

Built in 1896, the Millenary Velodrom is a cradle of Hungarian sports or more precisely competitive sport. In 1928 it hosted the bicycle world championship. The pavement of the track was modernized in the 1950s and 1970s and the …

Iván Kotsis Prize 2013

In 2013 the Iván Kotsis Prize went to Attila Bodrossy DLA architect.
The prize-giving ceremony was held on 16th December 2013.