Media Architecture Prize 2019

Founded by Építészfórum, the awards ceremony of Media Architecture Prize has now been a significant professional event for 15 years. Taking place on November 8th in Uránia National Movie Theatre, it was also the first show of buildings and …

World Architects’ Day 2019

Association of Architects, House of Architects, 7 October 2019

Text: Eszter Götz
Photo: Edit Pálinkás

On October 7th, architects celebrated the Architects’ World Day. The programmes held all day long included lectures and discussions, this year’s diploma ceremony, as …

An Ultra-Modern Hungarian Architect In Shanghai

Károly Gonda’s Memorial Year

Text: Eszter Baldavári

Organized by the Hungarian Architects’ Association, the programmes of Károly Gonda’s Memorial Year have started. Hardly known in Hungary, the architect was an outstanding character of Sanghai’s Art Deco. Born in Gyöngyös, …

24th Chief Architects’ National Conference

Tihany, 4-6 September 2019

Photo: Zsolt Szabó Rőtszakállú

This year Tihany hosted the events of the Chief Architects’ National Conference from September 4th to September 6th. Lectures and other related events focussed on the settlement and its neighbourhood, the …

The Cross – 13th Conference of Sacral Architecture

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, 17 September 2019

Text: Zoltán Páricsy
Photo: Ars Sacra Festival

This year the Conference of Sacred Architecture was organised for the 13th time within the framework of the Ars Sacra festival. The topic was …

Interior Architect of the Year Award: Krisztina Fülöp

Photo: Szabolcs Barakonyi

A professional recognition founded with the aim to award inmterior architects has reached its jubilee year: this year it is the 20th time it has been delivered. The awards ceremony was hosted by the Vigadó in …

Pál Csonka Award 2019

Association of Hungarian Architects, 8 July 2019

Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Ildikó Fazekas / MÉSZ

The Pál Csonka Award, founded by the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) in 1988, was presented and honored at the headquarters of the Association …

MÉSZ Conference 2019

Association of Hungarian Architects, Károly Kós Auditorium
27 May 2019

The Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) held its annual conference in the Architects’ House. Members of the board – János Golda, Gábor Zoboki and Csaba Nagy – gave an …

Ten years of FUGA

Anniversary Festival, July-September 2019

FUGA Budapest Architecture Centre celebrates the 10th anniversary of its inauguration on October 1st, 2019. with aan appropriate series of large-scale events to commemorate the significant date. The introductory programme starts mid-summer with an exhibition …

Culture Factory Project, Ózd

Fiabci Award 2019

Organised for the 70th occasion, the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence World Gold Winner prize went to an entry submitted in the „Heritage” category by Forum Hungaricum Nonprofit Ltd. titled Culture Factory Project Ózd.

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The Gold Medal of the Hungarian Arts Academy 2019: Barnabás Winkler

Barnabás Winkler DLA, an architect who is also the holder of the Ybl and Príma prizes and a lecturer with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is an excellent architect awarded several prizes, the author of a number …

The Conversion of the Open-Air Stage in Városmajor

The results of the concept contest

Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Ltd. and the Municipality of Budapest District XII local government published a tender for concepts of the Open-Air Stage to be built in Városmajor with the objective to collect …