Architectural Photography Award 2017 exhibition in Cracow

Galeria Architektury SARP, 6-16 March 2018

The travelling exhibition of Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine arrived to Cracow. Bohdan Lisowski the director of the architectural gallery of SARP …

Architecture as a Social Value

Pro Architectura Award, Média Architectural Prize, Budapest Architecture Award

In the autumn of 2017 four prestigious architectural prizes were awarded within a few weeks’ time which all reinforce the recognition of the profession by society, as well as the …

Here We are – Architectural Photography Award 2017

Award-giving ceremony in Kunsthalle, Budapest and exhibition in the Kós Károly hall of AHA

Text: Edit Pálinkás

Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched on June 15, 2017 by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine invited photographs …

Hungarian Academy of Science Agrarian Research Block, Martonvásár

Results of the Design Contest

The agrarian-innovation centre based in Martonvásár (the new research block of the Hungarian Academy of Science) is meant to facilitate and advance certain developments agrarian tourism. As the first step to realize this project, …

Natural Behaviour

Municipal Swimming Pool, Balatonfüred

Architect: Tamás Varga
Text: Sándor Pálfy
Photos: Tamás Szentirmai, Tamás Fegyverneky 

Appearing in the neighbourhood of slightly sloping vineyard hills, the covered complex of a swimming-pool and a hotel in Balatonfüred is a unique one …

Momentum Rules

Péterfia Corner, Debrecen

Architect: Péter Bordás
Text: Szabolcs Bence Török
Photos: György Palkó

Péterfia Street, which leads on to the Great Forest in Debrecen, may be described as the follow-up of Piac Street, which in turn also contains the …

High-Standard Renewal Without Complexity

Railway Station Reconstruction, Kaposvár

Architects: András Markó , Tamás Németh
Text: Dávid Bán
Photos: Tamás Török / Topogram

Considering requirements of historic buildings, and using some delicate contemporary solutions, András Markó and Tamás Németh designed the reconstruction of the …

Integral Continuity

Rabbi House, Mád

Architect: Zsolt Szécsi
Text: Tamás Kiss
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Tokaj-Hegyalja is a region hiding cultural treasures of several centuries. Villages in this area have images closely intertwined with traditional viticulture and winemaking. This culture evolving from …

Within a Rational Framework

Portus Home Guesthouse, Dörgicse

Architect: Barna Kovács D.
Text: Tímea Papp
Photos: Tamás Bata

Portus Home Guesthouse was completed at the beginning of summer in Kisdörgicse, which is probably the tiniest village of the region north of Lake Balaton. …

A Message Understood

The Reconstruction of the Railway Station, Keszthely

Architect: Szilvia Flachner
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Szilvia Flachner

The building of the railway station in Keszthely is typical of the early 1960s representing everything that could have happened to a structure …

„It rings a bit in its dream”

Tram Garage, Budafok

Architect: Ákos Takács
Text: Zoltán Dragon
Photos: Áron Lality

Between 1899 and 1911 the industrial complex originally built for the Suburban Electric Railway of Budapest-Budafok was completely demolished with the exception of two blocks. The structure …

Paradise Found

Artists’ Houses, Sørvær, Norway

Architect: Sami Rintala
Text and photos: Anett Mizsei

Near the Arctic Circle, the northernmost line of the Norwegian railway network also comes to an end. The last station is a town called Bodø,from where one …