World Architecture Day 2018

Architects’ House, October 1st, 2018

Text: Eszter Götz

The UIA, which is the international association of architects, celebrates the Architecture World Day on the first Monday of October every year. On this day, architects and other professionals do their …

Hungary’s Gems – Our Man-Made Heritage

Photo Exhibition by the Association of Hungarian Architects
Várkert Bazaar, August 28th-September 9th, 2018

Text: Association of Hungarian Architects

At the end of August, the Association of Hungarian Architects organised an exhibition of photos recording recently facelifted historic monuments …

Robert Venturi 1925–2018

Text: György Szegő

Born as a child of immigrating parents from Italy, he got his degree in architecture and thus received a two-year grant in Rome in 1954. Enriched with experiences there, he returned to his country, and in …

Lajos Kozma Conference

Műcsarnok, 8-9 October 2018

Text: Pál Száva
Photos: Magyar Építészeti Múzeum

The conference associated with the exhibition titled Kozma Classic – The Budapesti Workshop and Lajos Kozma focussed on the rich and versatile oeuvre of the architect. The lectures …

The Budapest Workshop and Lajos Kozma

Műcsarnok, Budapest, 5 September – 2 December 2018

Text: György Szegő
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

It has been 70 years since the world famous architect, applied artist, graphic designer and educator Lajos Kozma passed away. To honour this exceptional creator, …

The Wise

The Reconstruction of the City Hall in Buda, Budapest

Architect: Levente Szabó
Text: Tamás Dévényi
Photos: Balázs Danyi

After architectural changes launched in the past few years, the Castle District of Buda started the reconstruction of the old City …

A Bravado of Heritage Protection

The facelifting of the Synagogue in Szeged

Architects: Péter Wagner, Tamás Kőnig
Text: György Szegő
Photos: Balázs Danyi

There was no Crystal Night in Hungary, which means that more than 40 synagogues and ceremonial buildings designed and built by …

Associations of a Cultural Landscape

Zoo Visitors’ Centre and Hotel Pangea, Nyíregyháza

Architect: Attila Gáva
Text: Rita Tuczai
Photos: György Palkó

Selected as the best of its kind in Europe in 2018, the Zoological Gardens of Nyíregyháza has a new visitors’ centre which is …

The Local Spirit

Láng Machinery Plant Culture Centre – Third Generation

Architects: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus, Bence László Dobos, Ágnes Tőrös (2018), György Tokár (1970)
Text: Tamás Ulrich
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Based in Angyalföld, a traditional industrial district of Budapest, the machinery …

Finding its Place

Váci Greens Building „D”, Budapest

Architects: István Lukács, András Vikár, Árpád Gál
Text: Bence Török-Szabolcs
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Developed by Atenor Group, the fourth building of Váci Greens has been completed. Although this large-scale development located in the section …

A New Identity

White House Office Block, Budapest

Architect: Zoltán Tima
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

There is no doubt that the section of Váci Street in District 13 is one of the most dynamically evolving parts of Budapest today. Actually, …

Town Scale, City Scale

Town Hall, Törökbálint

Architects: Ferenc Keller, Barnabás Láris, Dávid Szabó
Text: Sándor Csontó
Photos: József Hajdú

The local government of Törökbálint has been planning for decades now to provide services to its population from a single modern venue with …