Piranesi Award 2017

International Architectural Exhibition
FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, 17 January – 5 February 2018

Piran Days of Architecture (PiDA) is an International Architectural Conference with one of the oldest traditions in the world, whose aim is to assess current …

Architecture as a Social Value

Pro Architectura Award, Média Architectural Prize, Budapest Architecture Award

In the autumn of 2017 four prestigious architectural prizes were awarded within a few weeks’ time which all reinforce the recognition of the profession by society, as well as the …

Architectural Photography Award 2017 – Award ceremony and exhibition opening

Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched on June 15, 2017 by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine invited photographs from all over the world in two categories: open and professional. Deadline for the registration and submitting …

Evaluation of the Architectural Photography Award 2017

The international architectural photography award published by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the periodical Magyar Építőművészet (Hungarian Architecture) in June, 2017 attracted a total of 1,273 photos submitted by 137 authors from 34 countries of 5 continents. Entries …

World Day of Architecture in AHA

Association of Hungarian Architects
October 2nd, 2017

The UIA, that is the International Association of Architects proclaimed the first Monday of October to be the World Day of Architects to draw attention to architecture which has the potentials to …

The Mill on the Old Lake Regional Camp and Eco-Centre, Veresegyház

MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2017

Concept: Mercédesz Erika Nagy

The site for design is located near the northern shores of the Old Lake, at the mouth of Sződrákosi spring which feeds the nearby lakes. The dyke of the former mill …

Borders, Architekturbild – European Architectural Photography Prize 2017

DAM, Frankfurt, 6 May – 27 August 2017

The European Architectural Photography Prize has been awarded every two years since 1995. Since 2003, the award has been bestowed by architekturbild e.v., since 2008 in cooperation with DAM, and since …

Landscape Architect of the Year Award 2017

FUGA Centre, 26 April 2017

It is the sixth time that on April 26th, 2017 the ceremony of the award Landscape Architect of the Year was held in FUGA after shortlisting 16 candidates of whom five were finalists, Luca …

Prizes Awarded by the Hungarian State

March 15th, 2017

The award ceremony of prizes of architecture awarded by the Hungarian state was held on March 15th, 2017. János Lázár, the head of the prime minister’s office handed over the prizes in Várkert Bazaar. Ybl Prize, …

Média Architectural Awards 2016

Uránia National Movie Theatre, 11 December 2016

This year it was the 12th time that Építészfórum organised the evaluation and ceremony of Média architectural Awards in the middle of December in Uránia Movie Threatre. As a rule, the event …

Old Home, New functions

Plečnik House, Ljubljana – Piranesi Award 2016

Architects: Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, Matjaž Bolčin
Text: Edit Pálinkás
Photos: Tadej Bolta

The Plečnik House, the home of architect Jože Plečnik located in the leafy Trnovo borough, reopened in September 2015 …

Piranesi Award 2016

Exhibition in FUGA, Budapest, 25 January  – 13 February 2017

Text: Edit Pálinkás 

56 projects were exposed at Piranesi exhibition 2016. 34 architectural projects were nominated by the national selectors from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia …