V4 Architectural Association

Meeting of the Visegrád Four Countries Architects’ Associations
House of Architects, Budapest, 11 March 2019

Text: Eszter Götz
Photo: Edit Pálinkás

A new form of cooperation was formed on the initiative of the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) by …

Apocalypse Later

11th Budapest Architectural Films Days
Toldi mozi, 7-10 March 2019

Text: Eszter Götz

Organised by the Contemporary Architecture Centre, the Budapest Architectural Films Days have now convinced the ever growing audience for the 11th time that anyone has at …

Where Should the Chinese Stand?

International Architects’ Conference, Budapest, March 8th, 2019

„Oriental people in the West, western people in the East”, this is the slogan of this year’s International Architects’ Conference, which defines already in its title the fact that despite the globalization …

World Architecture Day 2018

Architects’ House, October 1st, 2018

Text: Eszter Götz

The UIA, which is the international association of architects, celebrates the Architecture World Day on the first Monday of October every year. On this day, architects and other professionals do their …

Lajos Kozma Conference

Műcsarnok, 8-9 October 2018

Text: Pál Száva
Photos: Magyar Építészeti Múzeum

The conference associated with the exhibition titled Kozma Classic – The Budapesti Workshop and Lajos Kozma focussed on the rich and versatile oeuvre of the architect. The lectures …

The Missing Link

Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, June 1st-July 8th

Text: Anna Zsoldos
Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn ©IABR

IABR, the architectural biennale organised in Rotterdam was launched in 2001, and this was the 8th time it took place now. During these years the event …

The Annual General Meeting of MÉSZ

Architects’ House, June 4th, 2018

Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: MÉSZ

The Association of Hungarian Architects held its annual general meeting in the Károly Kós hall of the Architects’ House. Chairman András Krizsán in his annual report talked about the …

Light Sphere – Live Image Company

Master of Light Award of Associated Arts Ceremony 2018

Concept and realization: Zsófia Bérczi
Text: György Szegő
Photos: Élőkép Színház

The ceremony of Master of Light awards hosted a performance by Live Image Company. The spectacle-oriented production is difficult …

The Transformation of Materials in Architecture

International Architects Conference 2018

Text: Bálint Botzheim

This year’s conference was hosted by the recently inaugurated building of Közszolgálati University organised by Artifex Publishing Co. and AHA (Association of Hungarian Architects). Ákos Moravánszky was invited to act as chairman …

Creative Expertise

IDEA Conference 2018
Kecskemét, 8-9 March 2018

Text: Raymond Bükkösi

The name IDEA chosen for the conference held in Kecskemét is a true reflection of the spirituality and the values it has chosen. The key words to be taken …

Move the Roof Higher Up

10th Budapest Architecture Films Days
Toldi Cinema, Budapest, 8-11 March 2018

Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: KÉK

The Contemporary Architecture Centre hosts the Architecture Film Days for the tenth time this April with an ever widening audience year by year. …

Enigma 92 – Correspondence of Károly Kós and Aurél Papp

Journal Presentation and Discussion
Association of Hungarian Architects, 20 March 2018

Text: György Szegő

Launched 25 years ago, Enigma is a journal specialized in art theory. Its issue No. 92 presents the correspondence between Károly Kós (1883–1977) architect, writer, …