István Medgyaszay Memorial Conference and Exhibition

Pesti Vigadó, 20. 09. 2017

István Medgyaszay is one of the most outstanding figures of 20th-century architecture in Central Europe. His works, however, have been underestimated compared to their significance both in Hungarian and international architectural history. Lectures included …

Registration for Media Architecture Award 2017

The registration for the Media Architeture Award 2017 has started.

Project submission on until 11 September 2017 via
Registrtaion until 20 September 2017 on…

Hungary, Architecture in the Long 1960s

Associaition of Hungarian Architects, 12 July 2017

Photos: Edit Pálinkás

Architecturally speaking, the long 1960s were a highly productive period in Hungary, in spite of the Hungarian state’s consolidation of power following the 1956 uprising. The material compiled for …

The Annual Meeting of AHA 2017

Association of Hungarian Architects, Kós Hall
29 May 2017

The Association of Hungarian Architects held its annual meeting in the room named after Károly Kós in the Architects’ House where the report of the previous year was made public …

Brand New Ideas

14th International Architects’ Congress, Várkert Bazaar, 10 March 2017

Text: György Szegő,  Bálint Botzheim
Photos: Anna Fábry

This years architects’s congress examined the state of the profession both at present and in the long run apropos of the most …

Private Spheres and Public Affairs

9th Film Festival of Architecture, 2-5 March 2017

Text: Eszter Götz

It is the ninth time that Contemporary Architecture Centre organised the series of events named Film Festival of Architecture centre, Offering film shows and related events, this programme …

HÁZ+MESTEREK presentation and discussion

FUGA, Budapest, 9 May 2017

Presentation of the HÁZ + MESTEREK portrait film series made by the cooperation of the MOME Institute of Architecture and the Association of Hungarian Architects. The roundtable discussion with the architects, of whom the …

Budapest, Budapest, you are wonderful!

Evenings at the Association of Hungarian Architects, 27 March 2017

The next event of the Evenings at the Associaition of Hungarian Architects series focussed on the cityscape protection in Budapest, it was moderator by Judit Osskó. The six experts …

Concept Contest for Citadella, Budapest

Association of Hungarian Architects, 13 December  2016

Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay

Winning designs submitted for the concept contest for Citadella were presented during an event meant to launch new traditions in Károly Kós Hall of Architects’ House. The re-development of …

Média Architectural Awards 2016

Uránia National Movie Theatre, 11 December 2016

This year it was the 12th time that Építészfórum organised the evaluation and ceremony of Média architectural Awards in the middle of December in Uránia Movie Threatre. As a rule, the event …

Iván Kotsis Medal 2016

Prize-giving ceremony
Association of Hungarian Architects, 15 December 2016

Founded in 1989, the medal named after Iván Kotsis is actually a “fair play” prize awarded to Hungarian architects by the Association of Hungarian Architects year by year on December …

Rowing course finish line tower competition – presentations and discussion

Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, 28 February 2017

It is an old-new tradition of the Association of Hungarian Architects to provide an opportunity to present all the projects applied for the main architectural competitions in Hungary. On the first …