Hungarian Architecture 2010–2020

MÉK, 2021, 494 pages Text: György Szegő The Chamber of Hungarian Architects surveys the best works of Hungarian architecture in the past decade in this thick bilingual volume. Editor Eszter Dénes, graphic artist András Vizvárdi and the members of the editorial board launched a new series with this publication. This selection offers novelties even for […]

Reconstructing the Meaining

Meggyesi Tamás: Echoes of Silence Text: Péter Szaló dr. Professor architect Tamás Meggyesi is interested in fields reaching far beyond architecture or 20th-century urbanistic thinking as he has been involved in philosophy and research into symbols for a long time now. His new volume contains 13 studies on philosophical topics that reach into the depths […]

Antonio Lasciac

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Az ismeretlen Uránia

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East, West

Spaces of Intensity. 3h architects, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel Text: Eszter Götz At the end of 2020, a volume on the work of the 3h architectural firm was published by the Swiss publisher Birkhauser. The previous sentence seems self-evident, although it is quite an exceptional thing, as the works of contemporary Hungarian architects have not aroused […]