László Moholy-Nagy Retrospective

True to the interferences of avant-garde in Berlin–Vienna–Budapest, the exhibition in Frankfurt presents 170 objects d’art including experimental works and suppletory documents based on which contemporary photography, film and theatre art, plastic art, painting an typography would not be the same.

Dr. Tamás Meggyesi: The Morphology of Civic Design

Although some 150 pages of the 1100-paged volume are devoted to modern times, this publication appears to be a static historic work compared to the dynamic world of its author. He underlines that city/architecture „is not an independent genre, but an integral part of regional-urban development.”

Style and Up-to-Dateness

The first thing striking us that it is not a bodywork-like, a UFO-object, a veil inspired by fine arts, a symbolic sign, or an image referring to something else – even though it does create a very familiar spatial situation and marks the corner in a highly influential way.

Beyond the Hill

A designer of several emblematic contemporary buildings, Péter Basa Ybl-prized architect died at the age of 46. Among others, he was the designer of the Church of Hungarians Over the Frontier in Budakeszi for which he was awarded Pro Architectura prize and he also contributed to the designs of the Hungarian pavillion built for the Expo in Hannover, 2000.

A Kindergarten Tuned to Light

Functioning to host six groups of children, the building with a ground plan of approximately 1,400 m2 is not opened from the street. Thanks to the local authority the Calvinist church had received two long building sites available for this purpose, which made it possible to have the kindergarten built further at the back of it, far from the busy main road.

Visitatio, Szombathely

The exhibition presenting the restored painting by Maulbertsch from the cathedral in Szombathely is hosted by the Hungarian National Gallery. The church was bombed in March 1945 destroying not only the frescoes of the vaulting, but also tearing into hundreds of pieces the monumental Visitation-composition of the high altar.

The New Place of the Sacred Portrait

Built on a post-industrial housing estate in the north of Turin, the complex comprises a heptagonal church accentuated with spires and an L-shaped wing of the parish embracing it. The two structures surround an urban square functioning as the venue suited for major events. The main entrance opens from here.

Script and Maya

Invited by the department of residential buildings of the Budapest Technical University, Monika Bilska and Kristof Crolla, two young architects from Zaha Hadid Architects held a one-week workshop in October, 2009. The idea of this creative week was born at AA School and has already been organized in several countries since then.

The Power of Documentation

A dream of mine cherished for a long time is to document a significant historic building of Transylvania based on a detailed survey carried out with my friends and colleagues for posterity. I first visited Magyarvista in the summer of 1986 accompanied by Géza Pap, a Calvinist minister from Kiskapus.

Architecture in the Titoist Manner

An astonishing manifestation of European modernism is the architecture associated with Tito’s name prevailing especially in Serbia, the former member state of Yugoslavia accepting the ideology of communism to the full. The official art of Yugoslavia in the latter half of the 20th century amalgamated the neutrality of late modernism.

Bologna Process

The Bologna-tendency radically transformed the training of architects in Hungary. The first grade was launched in 2006 at the Department of Architecture in Budapest Technical University as a training of two cycles of BSc majors, and as Architects’ integral five-year course.

The Centre of Monok

Introduced at the Department of Civic Building Design, the academic subject referred to as „minor complex” is a one-term training open to 30 students admitted to be specialized in designing after they have finished 6 semesters in the new (two-stage) educational system giving them a task of design lasting one term.